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Andrea Albrecht Natural Cosmetics
Wörishofener Herbs House

Calendula Creme

Andrea Albrecht Calendula Face Cream

With the power of nature

The intensive calendula cream was created for people with sensitive skin. Marigold brings the skin into balance, has a very salutary and smoothing effect. Carrot oil with vitamin A and other valuable active ingredients helps to protect the skin. This very special formula gives the skin a natural look of freshness, counteracts free radicals and brings a natural anti-aging effect to your skin. For a healthy and natural look. This cream is recommended for all skin types. Use after a gentle cleansing with calendula face wash liquid.

Calendula Creme

Andrea Albrecht Day Cream

With the power of nature
Natural moisturizer for her and him

Aloe Vera gel, the effective moisturizer from nature, is the main active ingredient of this special day care cream. Aloe stimulates the skin’s metabolism, improves circulation and tones the skin. Your dry and sensitive skin is supplied with moisture and protected against negative environmental influences.

You get a pleasantly smooth skin feeling and natural skin elasticity.

For dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Calendula Creme

Andrea Albrecht Night Cream

With the power of nature
Regenerating cream for him an her

After an overnight application of Andrea Albrecht Night Cream you can feel the wonderful effect the day after already. Pure soybean oil and other valuable active substances regenerate, stimulate, and repair your skin. Your look is younger, more relaxed and fresher.

Use in the evening after cleansing with Calendula Face Wash and apply on your dry or even damaged skin. For smooth and healthy feeling skin

For demanding skin
Extra tip: use as a face mask 1-2 times a week.

Calendula Creme

Andrea Albrecht Natural Hair and Scalp Care

With the power of nature
For him and her

A whole lot of drugs with herbal power are bottled in Andrea Albrecht Hair Water. Biotin, birch leaves, horse chestnut, nettle, horsetail, coltsfoot, chamomile, sage and more precious ingredients maintain, strengthen, refresh and revitalize your scalp – giving your hair a strong and natural shiny look. Dandruff is prevented and the hair growth is stimulated.

Suitable for all hair types.
Apply and massage on scalp daily.

Calendula Creme

Andrea Albrecht Foot Care

With the power of nature
For him and her

For over 50 years now natural Andrea Albrecht Foot Care Cream stands for a delightful treatment for your feet. The active ingredients of sage, nettle, chamomile, arnica, horsetail and other precious herbal essences protect and take care of problem feet skin.

Daily used – and bruises, calluses, cracks and sweat disappear

Makes your feet feel young and look healthy.

For diabetics and athletes.

More than just cosmetic
The Wörishofener Herbs House was founded more than 80 years ago. All products are manufactured in Germany on the highest level of quality for pharmacies exclusively.

Our products are based on the experiences of many generations. Ancient herbs knowledge helped people to survive and provide health and wellbeing. Many years ago doctors, pharmacists and druggists put together their knowledge with the experience about herbs to develop highly effective cosmetic formulations for the face, hair, body and feet. The result of their research and effort was Andrea Albrecht Natural Cosmetics.

Dr. Pfeifer had a big interest in natural products and the power of natural products for his whole life. His wife was suffering from skin problems including scars, when she came across the Andrea Albrecht Calendula Cream and tried it. After experiencing a tremendous improvement, Dr. Pfeifer started using all products for patients in her wellness institute. He realized that nothing else was comparable with these old formulas.

People that were advised to use these natural products, often where impressed by the power of nature and sometimes even called it a miracle. Dr. Pfeifers Stevia products are rapidly growing importance among the new range of food supplements.
The Stevia plant from Paraguay contains substances that have the power to sweeten purely natural without calories. It is the ideal solution for people with diabetes, people that like to lose weight or anyone who tries to avoid industrial manufactured chemical sweeteners.

In 2012 Andrea Albrecht cosmetics got a new design. The natural cream pots have a colorful design with golden tops now.

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